Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Student Critiques of Their Work: Art 3

Briana by Auset, Art 3
Before we started this project, we looked at different techniques when using watercolor. I used blossoming and salt as my techniques in the background. We didn't have a specific objective or topic , but to just use watercolor in some way. This was a portrait of my favorite youtuber, Briana Hall a.k.a. SmartistaBeauty. Something i would've done differently was used another medium such as pen or graphite to draw her then just paint in the areas. Something i liked about watercolor was that you can do different things with it to accomplish any look. Even though it's not my first time using watercolor, i wasn't aware of the different techniques. It's versatile and gives you many options.

A Jolly Day Before Halloween by Julie, Art 3
This work was inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the idea came to me from a fellow classmate. Since it was my favorite movie and very close to Halloween, I decided to roll with that idea. I used Acrylics on Santa and Jack and water colors for the background. The background is meant to represent Christmas and Halloween. I think that this was also successful in the sense that it came out pretty nice. I tried to balance the background a bit with the main part, Santa and Jack. I think it kind of worked.

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