Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whitsett, NC

"Whitsett, NC"

11" x 14"


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I've recently moved back to my homestate of NC, and I love how I can drive half a mile from my house and see haystacks everywhere... so of course I had to paint a couple. I haven't done a landscape in a while, and I don't think this one is quite as strong as my still lifes, so look for more in the future as I work diligently to improve!

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artbymj said...

This is amusing to me because we have these same kind of haystacks sitting around my town and I've always thought they were kind of pretty sitting out there in a newly mowed field with a big sky above (not much else around though). I kept thinking to myself, "How could they be arranged in a composition to look pretty and not like a bunch of dead grass?" Well, you answered my question and you did it beautifully!