Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Piazza della Rotunda

"Piazza della Rotunda"

6" x 12"


On my honeymoon, Jeff and I spent a few days in Rome, and I painted this from one of the photographs that I took at the Piazza della Rotunda. On one side of the piazza is the Pantheon, and on the other side is a McDonald's. In this painting, the Pantheon was behind me, and you can see the little umbrellas adorning the outside of this McDonald's "cafe." It was a unique experience to sit eating a cheeseburger while gazing at the Pantheon, listening to live music from the two characters in the painting. I've enjoyed having this painting hanging in my house, however, I like to switch my artwork around every so often so I think it's time to sell it. I've lowered the minimum bid to $25 since it isn't one of my most recent paintings. Enjoy!


spigo said...

i remember this mcdonalds when i was in rome in college. it kind of made me sick to see it there with the pantheon. but at the end of the piazza there was a great gelato place that we went to a couple times. i'm not bashing european mcdonalds though. one of the best meals i ever had was from the mcdo's (that's what they call it in france) in aix-les-bains on our honeymoon. we had been ordering french food off of menus that we didn't fully understand for several days, which at one point had resulted in a plate of raw ground beef topped with a raw egg (boeuf tar tar), so we were starting to really crave something we were used to. there was a mcdonalds in town, but unfortunately it was late, and all of the public transportation in aix-les-bains shuts down pretty early, so we had to call a cab to take us from our hotel to the mcdonalds and back. we paid about $10 for the food and $40 for the taxi, but it was the best $50 burger and fries we ever had.

Jeff said...

dude, i think whoever made you this "boeuf tar tar" was just the laziest person in the world. did they at least crack the egg for you? i mean, come on.

maybe their electricity was out.

spigo said...

oh, and i have those guitar players on my windylampson coffee mug. great mug by the way. it's held up a lot better than that crap vancouver coffee mug i bought. stupid canadian junk.

Jeff said...


don't make fun of canadia.

if it weren't for our great neighbor of the north, we wouldn't have dave coulier.