Tuesday, August 21, 2007



9" x 12"


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This original painting is titled "Outcast" and the title is meant to draw your attention to the personification of the items in the still life. The soap pumps and sugar canister in the background look as if they are meeting privately, while the soap pump in the foreground is being left out. It was painted with oils on a 9" x 12" gallery wrapped canvas; the edges are painted, and it's ready for hanging.


artbymj said...

Hi Windy - Each day when I get the daily painter's email, I try to pick one artist that catches my attention (not enough time to look at more!!) and today I saw yours, for the first time. Wow! I love your use of color and composition. You are VERY talented. I have subscribed to your blog and I look forward to seeing your future works.

Angela Hardy said...

LOL.... I've been watching you too! I had actually spent some time yesturday going through your site... beautiful stuff and beautifully done!

Jeff said...

ok. before, you put that "larger than life" song in my head. now, i have "hey ya!" by outkast stuck in my head.

actually, this isn't a bad idea...

title everything so that people get a song in their head for days and days. they will associate the painting with the song. you have to be careful though. they may end up hating the painting as much as the song.

although, i don't think i've ever someone get frustrated because they couldn't get a painting out of their head.