Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cumulonimbus Jellyfish

"Cumulonimbus Jellyfish"

11" x 14"

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I went on a family reunion last month to Stone Mountain, GA, and while I was there, I went to the aquarium in Atlanta. I took several pictures there that I thought would be fun to paint (this being one of them). Jeff (my husband) helped me title it; he thought it looked like a cumulous cloud. (a cumuloNIMBUS be exact).


Aaron said...

Okay that is friggin' AWESOME.

Windy - Amazing, amazing painting.

spigo said...

i'd be interested in meeting this husband of yours. and this aaron character, for that matter. friggin' awesome indeed. one of my favorites lately.

Jeff said...

mr. spigo,
i would be happy to meet with you, as would [aaron].

what do you say we get together tomorrow for lunch at the chic-fil-a in burlington, nc?

actually, i will be at the airport at 9am to pick up [aaron], so you could ride with us to lunch.

i look forward to seeing you there.

-her husband

spigo said...

wait, so am i supposed to meet you at the airport at 9, or at the chic-fil-a around noonish? just let me know when you get a chance. i've got the delorean up and running, so i can have been there whenever.

Jeff said...

speaking of deloreans, they are going to be manufacturing new ones again.

anyway, i have already picked up strauch and you weren't there. we didn't go to chic-fil-a so i hope you didn't actually show up. that would have sucked for you.

you say the delorean is up and running. what was wrong with it?

spigo said...

oh, i didn't tell you? the mr. fusion was shot, and since it won't be invented for another 8 years, you can't find anyone to work on them. so i had to get my hands on some plutonium (which you know how hard that is ever since 9/11) so i could get back to the future old school style and get mr. fusion replaced.

funny story though, i accidentally set the time circuits to 0015 (i always forget to check the first digit), but luckily i wasn't running from any libyans at the time and remembered to bring along some extra plutonium. and since i leave the delorean in a storage garage in lebanon, i decided to make the drive and have dinner with an 18 year old christ. afterwards, i shot on to 2015 and got mr. fusion fixed while i watched the bourne betrayal at the local apple itheatre.

Jeff said...

well, we had a great time. would've been nice if you were there, but i guess you could just use the delorean meet us at turner's wedding reception. you could bring him a really sweet gift, like season 8 of lost, or his future son, or a W.W.I.D. bracelet from jesus himself. ohh! you could get him some awesome slap bracelets and a stray cats pocket rocker!

it's nice to hear you are putting the time machine to good use. and now that it's running again, can i borrow the fiat?

spigo said...

you're gonna have to talk to my dad. i transfered the fiat title over to his name, so it's his car (problem) now.

Aaron said...

...I have a feeling that "Apple iTheatre" may be prophetic.