Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Make a Face!

Stop whatever it is you're doing and make a face!


Aaron said...

Judging by these expressions, Jeff, I would suggest that your wife is indeed a freak.

A Super Freak, perhaps.

And Glen, this would look great over your fireplace.

Windy Lampson said...

STRAUCH'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

you can't be too surprised to see this kind of behavior from someone who works with 5 year olds every day.

wouldn't it suck if that was your x-men mutant power? the ability to cross one eye?

spigo said...

but i was already making a face. so how can i stop what i was doing and make one?

i should get a fireplace.

nctomkat said...

so you do have some of your mother in you

Windy Lampson said...

It's 1:15... shouldn't you be working?