Monday, March 27, 2006

Ballet Recital

Curtain call
fourteen feet scurry on stage
the curtains part
foggy light floods in
the music starts
grinning shyly, glancing at each other
arms up, hug the tree
tap, tap, tap, turn
tap, tap, tap, turn
wave to sister
tap, tap, tap, turn
six wobbly curtsies


nckitkat said...

I especially love the one in the middle!

spigo said...

i think your best bet with the jelly beans would be a clear resin. it should be pretty simple to spread out your jelly beans, and then pour the resin over them, to create sheets of jelly beans. you could then hang this on walls or ceilings. however, i am not certain of the durability of these resins in an outdoor environment. also, it seems that you were not the first to imagine this idea. someone here has already but jelly bean resin molds to good decorating use:

Windy Lampson said...

not exactly what i was expecting :)