Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mary Ann

She waits in the hotel lobby
her husband in a meeting.
They have a date for dinner and he's due
She spent the day shopping
while he listened to lectures.
The day was a success:
She found a pitcher painted with pears
for her sister-in-law who collects anything with pears.
She'll save it for a Christmas present.
The bronze bracelet she bought
will complete her ensemble
for the upcoming office party.
Her outing was finalized with the purchase of
red, strappy sandals
that just happened to match the skirt chosen for dinner
that night.
After a day of walking
her green flats would be more comfortable
but she had just enough time to paint her toenails ruby red
to match the dainty new pumps.
The blister on her pinky toe tingled
as she bounced the foot of her crossed leg.
She wondered if her black jacket
with the brown in her purse.
Maybe she should run up to the room
to get a different jacket.
No, his meeting might let out anytime now.


Jeff said...

judging by her expression, i would say she is quite suspicious of everyone looking at her so intently.

and glen, this would look great over your fireplace.

spigo said...

that's exactly what i was thinking.

cassaundra said...

Love your picture!