Sunday, March 26, 2006


Everything in Florida is apparently covered with Stucco. I have no idea why this is... and admit that I have not researched it.


spigo said...

i think it's mostly aethetic. people think that it looks good to cover that thing in stucco. stucco is pretty durable, and not terribly expensive, and you have to put something on the exterior of outdoor structures, so it might as well be stucco. it does seem to be pretty overdone in florida. you don't see much of it here in texas, except in high end homes. most people like brick around here.

Windy Lampson said...

i like jelly beans. i think it would be fun to cover everything in jelly beans. i'm sure there is some sort of clear mixture- maybe clear stucco- that we could solidify them with before covering things with them. yeah.. that would be nice.

nckitkat said...

well, that could be your next art project! You could paint jelly beans (instead of soup cans or Marilyn). it would certainly brighten some walls, especailly if you took some to school! :-)