Thursday, June 29, 2006


This frog was sitting on the wall outside of our apartment last night. We saw it through the window, and I ran outside with my camera. My battery died just as I got ready to take the picture, so Jeff went out with his camera. I watched him sneak up on the frog through the window. He was afraid the frog would leap somewhere else, and I guess he psyched himself out a little cause he jumped about three feet when a raindrop hit his arm. I went outside and after much begging, he let me use his camera to take the picture.


Visual-Voice said...

Nice! I LOVE tree frogs ~ I'd be so excited if I ran across one with my camera at hand.

Anonymous said...

Nice capture, Windy!


spigo said...

i don't think it was the frog. jeff's always been a little jumpy around rain.