Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kinda looks like candy

Colorful glass flowers on the ceiling.


Visual-Voice said...

so pretty!!

nckitkat said...

the Chihuly glass at the Bellagio takes my breath away!

Windy Lampson said...

Okay- you guys need to click on "vis voice" and then click on "my website" at the top. I don't know the lady that has created this site, but I stumbled upon it a few months ago and it is my favorite daily site to check... it's actually what has inspired me to show more than just my art that is for sale on my blog. I know we all joke around here and have a lot of fun... but her site seriously starts my day off right... reminding me to appreciate the world we live in.

Windy Lampson said...

and i love the photographs that she sells if any of you are ever having a hard time deciding what to get me for christmas. :)

Jeff said...

woah, woah, woah. slow down, windy. i know you like her website and all, but you've gotten a little too serious talking about inspiration and appreciation. you made a commitment when you decided to change your blog to be a non-serious, glen-friendly environment. i just don't think he would feel comfortable here today. and a comment board without glen is like, well... like strauch's blog. and we all know strauch's blog is dead. lighten it up.

Windy Lampson said...

hey! let glen speak for himself! he can make anything light... i'm just trying to challenge him.

Sarahbobarra said...

I wanted to tell you on your most recent blog because I waited too long to look at your previous blogs but, I LOVE your drawing. What are the demensions, and how much? Seriously.

Windy Lampson said...

Thanks Sarah!! If you're seriously serious... I would suggest waiting until maybe the middle of summer- I should have a lot more work to choose from and I plan to do a lot of work from photographs I took on the honeymoon... But the dimensions are 14" x 18" with a 2" border (I think, I'll have to double check when I get home). It's not framed at this point- so it would be $375. I do plan to frame it at Michael's and then I will change it to $400, unless the frame is cheaper than I anticipate.

Windy Lampson said...

In case you're curious about the price... I know it sounds expensive to some... But I have calculated about how long it takes me to do paintings, contour drawings, and more finished drawings and I have come up with a price based on size and time. Currently, my paintings are $400 per square foot, my shaded drawings are $300 per square foot and contour drawings are $200 per square foot. Based on the hours that I spend on all of them, that amount of money per hour equals right about what I earn now as a first year teacher... which is okay for now, but hopefully after more experience and more sold work, I'll be able to raise the price a little. I also plan to get back into pointilism a little bit; I plan to keep them very small because they take so much time... but I haven't done one in a while so I haven't been able to accurately calculate that price. I'm guessing they will be $500 per square foot, but I'll see. (I don't plan on doing any as big as a square foot though, so they should be all cheaper than $500). Sorry for the novel, but I felt like I needed to get that out there. I plan to make a website this summer (when I have the time to figure out how to do that) and I plan to sell paintings off of that. I'll put a link to it from this blog and let everyone know when it's ready. My goal is to paint next year and not teach at all... and not starve :) so I'll probably be recruiting you guys to forward my website to people and pass out business cards or something. I don't know- we'll see; I'll try not to be too sleazy about it. :)

spigo said...

that looks even more like candy, but happens to also be glass.

and i clicked on vis voice, and while i agree that amadeus is a great movie, i'm just totally not into truth... whatever that is. i'm glad that her website has inspired you and her art starts off your days right. but the joking around and having lots of fun is what starts my days off right... reminding me to appreciate the friends that i have. but that doesn't mean that i'll buy any of you any photographs.

as for you jeff, you are right. having just replied on the topics of inspiration and appreciation, i am feeling quite uncomfortable. however, this may also have something to do with the fact that i forgot to wear pants to work today.

and windy, no, i will not speak for myself. here in texas we have horses do that for us.

and sarah, you're right, it was a pretty good drawing.

and windy, i'm saving my $400 to buy a reclining sofa. that will be so awesome.

and windy again, its ok. we understand that real art is expensive. that's why i just buy prints from target. but just for comparison, the fee my company charges comes out to be about 60 cents a square foot to design a structure. of course, i see very little of that 60 cents. but anyway, if that whole full time art thing works out, then i'd be more than happy to hand out business cards for my sleazy artist friend.

and word verification, iflat? you so crazy.

Sarahbobarra said...

Glen, I love you! You start my day off great.

Windy: no price defending is necessary. I feel you now desearve to price your art reletively high, having your MFA and all. Which is why I cannot wait to get my MFA so I could feel good about raising my prices. Ah, work for cheap now, be famous later, right? Yeah, right.

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