Sunday, February 12, 2006

Walking Along the Tiber River

I took this picture on our honeymoon when we were walking from our hotel to Vatican City. It would have been great fun to walk down the wall underneath the trees, but it was a pretty steep drop down to the banks of the river. Considering how clumsy I can be, I decided to settle for a picture. . . I can always pretend.


nckitkat said...

you have always been good at pretending!
There is a wall around York, in England, similar to this, it was built for sentries to watch for the city, I think- but it is wide enough to walk around easily, for those of us who are balance-challenged.

Jeff said...

those trees looked pretty when we were just beginning our epic journey through the streets of rome. here is a little map of where we walked, starting at the "x." the different colors are different days, more or less (the blue would be our first day, in which windy showed her navigating skills). needless to say, after approximately 241 miles of walking, those beautiful trees might be passed up for a professional foot massage.

nctomkat said...

windy, your mom has now given me the wisdom to answer you. love dad