Monday, August 12, 2013

Survey Results: What should we name our son?

And . . . .the results are in.

Charles Jeffery Lampson (Charlie) came in first with 47.8% of the votes.

Samuel Jeffery Lampson (Sam) came in second with 39.1%

"Other" Names made up 21.7% of the vote- thank you to those of you who took this seriously, however, I did enjoy laughing at the less serious responses. (Glen and Patrick, I'm highly disappointed in your absence on this one)

Benjamin Jeffery Lampson (Ben) was the last choice with 8.7%

We still haven't decided on a name, but the poll did make me a little more confident about ruling out Benjamin. Over the past few days, I continue to go back and forth between Charlie and Sam. I never thought I'd be so last-minute, but I may end up waiting until after he's born to decide.

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