Thursday, June 08, 2006

Piazza della Rotunda (Oil on Canvas)

6" x 12"

Sorry about the lack of writing on my posts lately, but I've been putting in long hours trying to get my website finished. Hopefully I'll have it done within the next week, and I'll give you a link to it.


Sarahbobarra said...

Are you still in G-boro? Too bad you can't come up here this weekend!

Windy Lampson said...

Yeah- and I would come visit- but this website is taking longer than i expected. I've got dreamweaver pretty much figured out, but now i'm trying to figure out how to set up a payment method...very frustrating... anyway- it's taking longer than i thought- but thanks for the invitation!!!

Windy Lampson said...

Okay, so I have FINALLY finished the website and I've uploaded it to the internet, but I only have one problem. A while ago, i came across and thought it was a nice cheap way just to get my work available to everyone... They let me choose a domain name and I chose Well, now I want to use that domain name for the website that I've created so network solutions and artmajeur have been going back and forth to try and get the lock off of that domain name... (it's been a hard process... I don't know how cooperative the artmajeur people are being). Anyway- you can go to now, but if you see a painting of Mykonos with the name "winters" on a white background, then it's not the right one. (That's the artmajeur sponsored site). You'll know it's mine if it's on an all-gray background. anyway, I'm doing the best I can to get this figured out quickly... and I'll let you know as soon as it's up.

cassaundra said...

how are you doing?

Windy Lampson said...

Hi Cassie! Haven't heard from you in a while - I'm great- How's your summer so far?