Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mr. John's

One quarter, one dime
the glass bottle
clinks into the black bin.
Inside, Mr. John sweeps the strands
into one fuzzy pile.
decorated with foil
is perched with a magazine.
Elvis is singing, "Fools Rush In"
with static.
Sitting on my feet in the chair
stretching my head into the plastic bubble dryer above
I peer through the foggy helmet
at the lady in curlers opposite me.
She clears her throat while tugging on her knee highs.
I slurp on my last swallow of pepsi.


Jeff said...

hmmm...yes... yes i think i like this one.

yes. i'm pretty sure i do. splendid job, winters.

spigo said...

actually, i don't think elvis sang "fools rush in." he sang "can't help falling in love," which had the line "fools rush in" in the song. "fools rush in" was a song first sung by frank sinatra, with a later (and better, in my opinion) version recorded by ricky nelson. on a side note, the line "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" is from the poem "an essay on criticism" by alexander pope.

spigo said...

oh, and where is this place?

Windy Lampson said...

thanks glen- it would have been nice if i'd known that before i included it in my thesis last year... oh well. And to where this is- it's actually a hair salon in greenville that i've never been to, but I've had my hair cut by the same man for my whole life (mr. john)- and his place is over on the corner of Royal Ave and Madison in Goldsboro. I did used to get a pepsi every time i went there- that's why the other salon reminded me of it.

spigo said...

well, i don't think

Elvis is singing "Can't Help Falling In Love"
with static.

is going to work. so i would reccomend just changing the punctuation. technically, elvis did indeed sing the words "fools rush in," just not the song. so perhaps try:

Elvis is singing, "fools rush in"
with static.

and there you have it, a rythmically unchanged, yet now truthful poem. except the part about that being mr. john's place. that part's still a lie.