Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Another post about my childhood fun at Goldsboro Country Club. At fifty minutes past every hour, the lifeguard would blow the whistle to signal the beginning of "break," at which time everyone under the age of 18 would swim to the closest ladder, or edge, to get out. We weren't allowed to put any part of our body into the water for ten minutes. The rules had apparently changed by the time I began this painting of four children dangling their feet in the water. The most embarrassing part about break was the chance that you might be doing handstands underwater when the whistle was blown, having no idea that it was time to get out. Sometimes this could go on for awhile if you didn't bother to glance around when you came up for breath. Lopsided handstand after lopsided handstand followed by a little mermaid swimming and "pretend gymnastics" can be very embarrassing with a crowd of people watching from the side, waiting and timing shouts to coincide with your emergences for breath. "It's BREAKtime!!!!!"


Jeff said...

yeah, i remember when i was 17 going to the pool with you and having to get out while you got to stay in. that was somewhat of a blow to my manhood.

spigo said...

that handstand thing happened to me in my mud hole once.

nckitkat said...

yeah, Jeff, but she will turn 30...and 40...and 50...first!!! and of course, she will reach senior citizen status first!