Sunday, April 23, 2006


In this painting I used some collage elements; I began by soaking different kinds of papers in a bathtub full of tea in order to stain them. On the papers, I wrote (using different writing utensils) different things about each of the people that I knew I would be painting: How they fit in to my life and what roles they played. I glued the wrinkled papers to a canvas and even painted in some extra wrinkles to add to the effect. Lastly, I painted the portraits on top using oil paint. Every now and then, I read what I wrote about each person, and several of the relationships have changed quite a bit since then. All of them have seen the painting at some point in time, but I don't think any of them have gotten close and personal enough to read the things that were written. :)


nckitkat said...

actually, I think GrandDot read quite a bit of it when you had your show before the wedding- I have tried, but did not have on glasses at the time- where is the painting now- is it here or do you have it?

Katy said...

I would really like to read it because
1)I had never seen it before
2)I think Patty and I are in the corner =)