Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stuart's Stars

"Stuart's Stars"

11" x 14"

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This painting is a portrait of one of the kindergarteners I teach. She was dressed up like a fairy for Halloween last year. Our school mascot is a star, which made the costume even more appropriate. The name "Stuart" in the title is not the girl's name, but the name of my school; I teach at J. E. B. Stuart in Richmond, VA. You can view more of my work at


spigo said...

Oh, you mean J.E.B. Stuart, as in the American soldier from Virginia and Confederate Army general during the American Civil War who was known to his friends as "Jeb"? The one who was a cavalry commander known for his mastery of reconnaissance and the use of cavalry in offensive operations, and who cultivated a cavalier image (red-lined gray cape, yellow sash, hat cocked to the side with a peacock feather, red flower in his lapel, often sporting cologne), but his serious work made him Robert E. Lee's eyes and ears and inspired Southern morale? The same who was killed in May 1864 during the Overland Campaign, at the Battle of Yellow Tavern? Just curious. Cause I don't see what he has to do with stars.

Windy Lampson said...

That's the one.

Jeff said...

oh man. i was really hoping it was just some random guy that had nothing to do with the civil war. that would've been funnier.

as it is, it's only kinda funny.

oh well.

spigo said...

i still don't see what he has to do with stars.