Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Job Hunting

Once again, Jeff and I are looking for jobs. I only mention this because someone in Richmond recently contacted me for an interview after seeing my blog, so you never know who happens to be reading. We are hoping to move back to North Carolina and are specifically looking at Raleigh and Greensboro. I've put in applications for all kinds of positions at UNC-G, N.C. State and Meredith (to name a few). If anyone out there knows anyone that needs someone that is artistic, hard-working and EXTREMELY organized, feel free to mention my name!


Aaron said...

I think that you should both put in applications at UNC-Chapel Hill, simply so that I can rag you mercilessly when you get jobs there.

UNC > Duke.

spigo said...

have i mentioned how nice houston is? people on the street are constantly telling me that they need someone who is artistic, hard-working and EXTREMELY organized. and they're always asking for someone married to someone who is artistic, hard-working and EXTREMELY organized. north carolina is way overrated.

Jeff said...

dude, i'm so not EXTREMELY organized. maybe SOMEWHAT organized. or even SATISFACTORILY organized.