Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wayne County Arts Council

I now have several works (which are shown below) for sale at the Wayne County Arts Council's Art Market. Some people like to see a painting or drawing in person before buying it, so this will make that possible. However, if you live too far from Goldsboro to stop by the Art Market, you can still find all of these works for sale on my website:


spigo said...

and you've got a write-up in the wayne country day alumni newsletter. i'm keeping up.

Windy Lampson said...

Yeah- I haven't seen anything about you and Gillian and your "secret lives" in the newsletter- I guess you're still a structural engineer? - and I'm not really sure what Gillian does? Why haven't you two been advertising yourselves :)

Aaron said...

Jeff, Joey, Sarah and I went to a public school, therefore we don't get an alumni newsletter.

We do, however, get to compare bullet wounds.

spigo said...

what the crap strauch? do you not remember me? did you forget that we went to school together? where did that come from? that's weak man.

Jeff said...

what the crap, indeed.

what. the. crap.

Aaron said...

...Wait a minute. You're right. I remember that day in Drama class where you, Jeff and I came up with a pretty convincing argument proving that Mike D. was the Anti-Christ.

...I hope he doesn't read this blog.

Anyway, sorry for the lapse in memory, Glen. I looked at the above posts and, without thinking, lumped you in with the Way-Day kids. I can't tell by your post if you're really upset or not, so I'll just say this:

"Oh baby you,
You got what I ne-ed,
But you say 'He just a friend,'
But you say 'He just a friend.'"

- Strauch

Aaron said...

An encore? Why, of course!

"Slam! duuh duuh duuh, duuh duuh duuh, let the boys be boys!
Slam! duuh duuh duuh, duuh duuh duuh, let the boys be boys!

Well here's another one,
In the gutter one,
Getting running up,
Troublesome extra double double I come to feed them.
The feed em then I shreed em,
So what if that I'm cheating?
Now everybody wanna sound grimey"

spigo said...

i gotta admit, strauch, after you dropped the biz, i was still kind of pissed. but man, i know you mean it when you start quoting onyx. so i'm gonna let it slide this time.

as for mike d reading this, i doubt he did before. but now when he googles his name tonight, he's gonna notice this result that didn't show up before.

p.s. b-b-but wait it gets worse

Jeff said...

this is all i could find when i googled "mike d."

spigo said...

his arm instantly fired into the air?!? crazy.