Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Alice Neel

This painting is called "Nancy and the Rubber Plant," and it is by one of my favorite artists, Alice Neel. Neel didn't seek to actually confront the viewer until later in her life, and as a result was fairly unknown for the first couple of decades of her work. Anyway, I love her portraits (this one in particular) and she is definitely worth "googling."

There was a student that I went to school with at East Carolina whose work reminded me a bit of Alice Neel. Her name is Kymia Nawabi, and one of her paintings is posted below. HERE is a link to view some of her work from her Undergraduate Show. And if any of you out there know what she's up to now, I'd LOVE to see some of her current work!


Jeff said...

ahhh, the art building's men's room.

kymia captured it's endearing disgustingness well.

Jeff said...

this seemed fitting for this post.

Windy Lampson said...

Well, Jeff, it's nice to see you doing some of your own research on Alice Neel. And for those of you that didn't know, Kymia dragged that couch from her studio into the men's bathroom of the art building...where she had Stephanie and her boyfriend (whose name I think was Bob) pose. I never asked her what they did when someone actually came in to use the bathroom. Maybe she asked them to go down to the first floor.