Thursday, January 25, 2007

Unforgivable Media

A recent drawing- you can purchase it HERE for $10!


spigo said...

why is it called unforgivable media?

Windy Lampson said...

funny you should ask that :) Strauch just emailed me the same question, and I explained that "unforgivable media" is the term for media that is "permanent" such as markers or watercolor or ink washes. You can't erase it, so if you mess up, there are a limited number of options in order to fix it. Well, I paired a marker with an eraser, just to bring that relationship up. Then, I painted a red wash over the background. Some of the wash seeped on top of the eraser, which I could do nothing about- all of this led to the title.

Then Strauch emails me back asking why it is called unforgivable media and not unforgiving- and I had a very "Doh!" moment. Strauch, you're absolutely right and I'm an idiot :) But I'm keeping the title just the same.

spigo said...

why doesn't strauch leave his comments on the blog? maybe other people would like to talk to him too.

and i agree, you should keep the title. mistakes add charm. like that make a wish clock that's definitely not showing 11:11.

Windy Lampson said...

I was just telling one of my students about that clock the other day! They thought it was funny too :)