Monday, July 10, 2006

More Shameless Advertising

I've updated my gift shop! I have several new images by request...

The pen and ink drawing of the girl on a fire escape requested by Hillary

The oil painting of a plant in the parking lot of the movie theater requested by Dody

and of course let's not forget a drawing of a jar of mosquitoes- Just for you, Glen

And I've also added these two:

And I spent some time working on a logo that might look nice, but also serve as more advertisement- you'd be surprised at how well this looks on some of the t-shirts... you should check it out.

However, I thought the guys might need something a little less feminine, so I came up with this as well:

Click here to visit my gift shop to view these new items!


spigo said...

excellent. the mosquito jar is beautiful. while i believe one mosquito appears dramatically out of scale, i think i like the effect. i'll be purchasing that t-shirt straight away.

Windy Lampson said...

well thanks glen- jeff and i had a big discussion about the larger mosquito- i wanted to put it on the table in front of the jar, but he said that would look silly and besides, you asked for mosquitos IN a jar-

spigo said...

that's true. i did ask for a mosquito jar. and if were given a jar with a mosquito in front of it, i would be highly disappointed indeed. gillian and i bought a mosquito zapper this weekend.

unrelatedly, have you considered selling posters or prints of your art? i don't know much about posters/prints (or art for that matter) (or selling for that matter), but it seems to me that most of the people that i know do a lot of their decorating with posters or prints, rather than original artwork. maybe that's cause most of the people i know are cheap losers, but nevertheless that's what they do. i wish you'd lay off on insulting my friends.