Tuesday, May 23, 2006


For any of you that read my post about composition (It's in the May archives, titled "Ornamental Reindeer"), this painting shows a couple of the techniques I talked about in a pretty simple way. The diagonal line that follows the metal bar into the the bottom of her swimsuit helps to connect the foreground with the background. I also brought the contour of the mountains on the left of her into the strap of her swimsuit. I chose to define one of the mountain peaks to the right of her to help take attention off of her eyes. Eyes tend to command a lot of attention from the viewer, and many times they become too much of a focal point.

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spigo said...

i completely agree windy. being a bit of an art critic myself, i find that the eyes often command far too much attention. take for example this piece. while it is indeed awesomely ninjaesque, i cannot manage to pry myself away from the eyes. they almost seem to follow me, as i move left-right, left-right. unlike your piece, in which i did not even notice that the girl had eyes, with this piece i did not initially notice that the eyes had a body. even after careful examination, i cannot look away from the eyes long enough to be certain whether or not there is a body.

another great work windy, and an important life lesson to boot. or art lesson.