Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm Sorry

I had Ms. Talora's first grade class in art today. This is one of the quietest, most well-behaved classes in the entire school. Ms. Talora doesn't let them get away with ANYTHING, yet they all adore her- quite a gift... anyway... While I was teaching, I became aware of some of them talking quietly amongst themselves. Even though this class never behaves that way, they were still acting better than most of my other classes so I let them get away with a little.... which I know I shouldn't. Eventually, I began making them "change their tickets." (A behavior modification plan that Ms. Talora has set in place for her students). At the end of art class, Ms. Talora came back into the classroom and informed the students of how embarrassed she was of their behavior. As I was wheeling the "art cart" out of her room, I heard her barking orders... After school, she informs me that she made them each write an apology letter to me.... and didn't help them in any way... which is probably why none of them spelled my name correctly, among other words. These are some of the funniest things I've ever seen... It took me FOREVER to decipher some of them, but I thought I would share a few.

This first note was written by a young girl who is already showing signs of being an obsessive compulsive perfectionist. I honestly don't remember her talking during class, but she apologizes for her behavior anyway. And I did think it was quite amazing that with all the "chaos" in the room, she was still aware of my very hip threads... it's not every day that a first grader recognizes my awesome fashion decisions... and honestly... what DOES that say about my sense of style? hmmm.... well, It's still nice to know that my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt has not gone unnoticed.

This next note might actually need to be translated for you:

"I'm sorry for talking when you were talking, but we are all sorry because we were all talking. Do you ever forgive us? We love you Ms. Lampson. Do you love us? I hope you'll like it?
Love, James

P.S. Where's your house?"

Apparently stalking begins at an early age.

It also seems that self-discipline begins at an early age. Ms. Talora informed me that she has never asked this child to "write sentences" and has no idea why she did this.

And last, but not least, I must end on a very depressing note. I think this is another one that I must decode for you:

I'm very very sorry we were rude and disrespected you. We're very sorry Ms. Lampson. We're very very very very sorry. If we do it again, I'll cry and I'll never never never never stop.


nckitkat said...

and to think that I learned to spell by phonetics... these were very funny! but just think- they learned 1)not to talk when someone else is talking, 2)how to apologize- a rare gift these days, and 3)how to write a thank you note!
you will miss this! be sure you keep these in a scrapbook with your pictures- you will be glad later!!

Visual-Voice said...

hysterical ~ and I agree with the previous commenter... manners are so far gone these days... this post is refreshing.

spigo said...

i think ms talora beats them.

Jeff said...

you never post my apology letters you make me write you.

spigo said...

and now you're gonna have to write another one for posting that.

Windy Lampson said...

I expect it to be on the coffee table by the time I get home. No less than two pages, typed and double-spaced.

Anonymous said...

I'll pass this one along to my wife, the primary teacher!

(I do think she beats them!)


spigo said...

wow jeff, your wife is awesome. mine never lets me get away with double spacing.