Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Valentine's Day is Coming!

Meet Peanut. I met Peanut at Hallmark in Berkeley Mall on February 13, 2000. I was on a break from work at the time; I was a sales associate at a clothing store formerly known as Maurices. After eating my usual dinner at Chick-fil-a, I sauntered into Hallmark to buy a Valentine's Day Card for my husband (then-boyfriend), Jeff. Peanut was sitting on top of an elegant display of red boxes wrapped and tied with purple ribbon. He was hunched over amidst a crowd of many small stuffed dogs, and it was love at first sight. In an effort to find a reason to lay down the cash it would cost to take him home, I decided to buy him for Jeff. Needless to say, Jeff never noticed when I stole Peanut from his nightstand the day after Valentine's Day.


jeff said...

That's why Peanut is so sad; cause you stoled him from me.

Sarahbobarra said...

I've wanted to tell you this (even thought it is a total non sequitur)...Chances are, a brown recluse will hide in your clothes or shoes (they like dark warm spaces) rather than crawl around on your tanish carpet.

Thought you should know.


spigo said...

me: hey, i'm glen smith.
peanut: hey glen, it's nice to meet you.
me: yeah, it's great to finally meet you. i've heard a lot about you.
peanut: don't believe any of it (fake laugh)
me: (fake laugh) no, no. it was all good. yeah. (clear throat)
peanut: so, uh, what do you do?
me: oh, i'm a structural engineer. i work for a small firm in houston.
peanut: oh really? pretty hot over there.
me: yeah, yeah. it gets pretty warm. um. what about you? what do you do?
peanut: well, i'm a stuffed animal. i guess technically i work for jeff, but in reality i work with windy most of the time.
me: that's cool. yeah. well, look, i was gonna go grab a drink. it was really nice meeting you.
peanut: yeah, same here.
me: tell jeff and windy i said hey.
peanut: sure thing.
me: take care
peanut: yeah, se ya.

Windy Lampson said...

that's comforting sarah. thanks

Sarahbobarra said...

I like to think that, much like Peanut, I provide cuddly comfort physically AND mentally. Yeah.

Jeff said...

for the record, i took that picture.

Jeff said...

i don't know what it is (maybe it's just a stuffed animal thing), but peanut keeps saying "se ya" as a figure of speech for "goodbye."

as an amateur cultural anthropologist, i can only assume it has something to do with his hallmark upbringing. when i questioned him about it, he simply stared at me, much like he is in this photo. he has a thick skin, but one of these days i will break it.

i will break your skin, peanut. and you will bleed your life story to me.