Sunday, September 18, 2005

Maryann; 36" x 48"; Oil on canvas; $2,500 (framed)

Ballet Recital; 18" x 36"; Oil on canvas; $500 (framed)

Starbucks; 18" x 24"; Oil on canvas; $1,500 (framed)

Someone's Watching; 20" x 20"; Oil on canvas; $800 (framed)

Laundry; 24" x 48"; Oil on canvas; $1,200 (framed)

Yellow Lime; 31" x 41"; Oil on canvas; $1,500 (framed)

Meeting Her Parents; 31" x 31"; Oil on canvas; $1,000 (framed)

Jeff; 36" x 48"; Oil on canvas; $1,500 (framed)


Jeff said...

do you watch bob ross? cause you are really good.

Aaron said...

Darn tootin' she is. The picture that she painted of me in the toy store oh so long ago is still hanging in my room.

The face is so accurate it's creepy. It's like you were able to actually put my soul into the painting, kinda like that Viggo guy from Ghostbusters 2.

Hannah Beth said...

Those are so beautiful! I love "Meeting Her Parents," and "Starbucks."

Mormon Hockey Princess said...

Your Artwork is amazing!!!!!!
I can't draw a straight line to save my life.

Abhi said...

Beautiful work... I like the way you seem to capture the moments in between "important moments". It heightens the anticipation and drama in each piece. Nicely done.

AnGeLa said...

oh my GOODness!! i can't get over how amazing these paintings are! you have an awesome talent, windy, don't ever stop! it's really cool i got to see most of these in person =) hope yall are doing well and best of luck to you and your teaching! ..i'll be in your position soon.. =\ talk to you later!!


Sarahbobarra said...

Hey you guys! I'm proud to say that I know Windy. Yep, she's my SISTER-IN-LAW!