Saturday, November 20, 2010

Commission #12

This painting was a commissioned portrait. If you are interested in commissioning me for a painting, click HERE for more information.


Alvin Richard said...

Incredible painting, very poignant and lifelike...inspiring

Cora said...

Thanks, Windy, for this wonderful portrait of my dad. It took our breath away when we saw the finished work in person. My parents were deeply touched by our gift to my dad for his 85th birthday and it means so much to me that you painted it for us.

Sam Johnson said...

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Sam Johnson said...

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Anonymous said...

Would you like to consider donating one like this saluting veteran to the USO at RDU for an event to raise money? I am sure many folks would bid on your work as it is simply magnificent!!! All of the monies raised from a bid item at our auctions go to the USO military fund to help with our service folks and their families.

You are a very talented artist, Windy!!!! VERY impressed!