Sunday, January 13, 2008

"On the Road Again"

"On the Road Again"

9" x 12" (Size of canvas before framed)

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Framed / Ready to hang


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spigo said...

the road looks very north carolinian. makes me all nostalgic and whatnot.

Dee Sanchez said...

Wow, absolutely love the reflection! This is really beautiful.
Dee Sanchez

Don Gray said...

Nice painting, Windy. I've often driven behind these reflective tanker trucks and thought what a great painting that would make. You've done it!

Anonymous said...

When did you sell your lemon painting? Joey and I were talking about buying it. I guess we just talked too long. Darn! Sarah

Windy Lampson said...

Oh- I'm sorry! It sold last weekend-

Diana Moses Botkin said...

What a fascinating painting with the shiny truck and the highway traffic... makes me feel like I'm moving along in the fast lane!