Wednesday, October 17, 2007



12" x 16"

Oil Painting on Canvas / Edges Painted and Ready to Hang


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artbymj said...

This is so joyful. I could definitely see this image in a children's book. Have you ever thought about doing that?

Windy Lampson said...

funny you should say that :) I've had one in progress for about a year now- I'm super excited about it, but I haven't made the time to work on it. The writing doesn't come natural to me- I'm doing something dr. Seuss-like, and I've been struggling with that part. As soon as the written part is done, the illustrations will be a breeze. :) I'll get there.

spigo said...

i wrote a children's book once. it was about a lost cat. and it had pop-up things, where you could look for the cat. it was awesome. oh, and the cat was behind the last pop up thing on the last page, so it was a happy ending, in case you were worried.

Windy Lampson said...

That sounds like "Spot" (the dog) and his hide-n-seek birthday party pop up book. Only yours was about a cat. And they weren't playing hide-n-seek. Was it someone's birthday?

Jeff said...

i think glen meant to write "stole" instead of "wrote."

spigo said...

no, it was a detective story. with the detective herlock sholmes looking for the cat. now try to tell me i stole that one, jeff. give me a break, i was in third grade.

Jeff said...

remember when we had drama class and mike d. was missing? and we tried to uncover the mystery of his absence and concluded that he must have killed himself in the storage closet?
i think we also deduced that he was the antichrist, based on our formula we charted on the chalk board. and remember how he showed up halfway into the class and told us he was fired and everyone was all, "no! they can't do this to you!" and blah, blah, blah and then he was all, "nope...GOTCHA! that's what ACTING is."?

is your story anything like that?

spigo said...

no. no. huh. no. no.

ooooh, mike d. sorry i was thinking of someone else. in that case, yes, yes, yep, yes, and still no. i already told you what my story was like, so unless mike d. was playing detective herlock sholmes, then ... wait a minute! he'd be perfect. get that man on the phone. oh wait, he won't give anyone his phone number. that can't be good for his career.