Sunday, July 22, 2007

Richmond Farmers Market

Richmond Farmers Market

8" x 10"

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I really had fun painting this one; the folds in the shirt and the jeans were my favorite part. This man was working next to my booth at the farmer's market; I set up there last year a few times to sell some prints and t-shirts, and I met a lot of fun, interesting people. A couple of them still stand out in my mind- Paul Beverly and Sandy Dyche had a booth called "P. S. It's Leather." (The P.S. comes from the first letters in each of their names). Everything they sold was leather- they made leather "paintings," jewelry, and even some 3-D leather art (among other things.) Here is a link to some of their work. Be sure to check out "With the Indians;" it's a 3-D set all made out of leather!

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Joseph said...

I have loved looking at your new paintings. Keep up the good work--I'm very impressed. When I have money, I'll buy something.

Love you!!!