Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Adventures of Living in a Hotel

This is apparently what happens when you put dishwashing SOAP (as opposed to dishwashing detergent) in the dishwasher.


nckitkat said...

uh, you don't remember doing this at home before? and we had to call the plumber?!
...I wanted to order the little frog tile, but it is out of stock!!! tell them to make more!!!

Windy Lampson said...

hmm... that's weird... no one else has even ordered one- I ordered some tiles for Emily's birthday today- maybe they're just out of tiles in general- try again tomorrow- did you get that coupon?

nckitkat said...

yes, thanks! will check it this weekend! on my way home in a few minutes- really love that frog!

argos said...

wife: "honey, I used soap instead of detergent."

husband: "Leave it to me. I will get on my knees and stare at it for a while. This will take care of it."

spigo said...

well said, argos. i've come to the rescue many a time in our house using that very plan of action.

and windy, as gillian mentioned in your last post, we received the print, and it does look very nice. it's also very durable, as we put it up on the mantel to have a look at it, and our cat immediately felt the need to jump up there and knock it off onto the fireplace tiling. but it stood up to the fall like a true champion, and shows no signs of injury.

Windy Lampson said...

Excellent- I'm glad, Glen-

And I'll have everyone know that dishwasher incident happened a little differently:

husband: "Honey, I used soap instead of detergent."

wife:"Ooh Ooh! (Laughing) I must take pictures of you staring at it and then post it on my blog!"

I really am very sorry Jeff :)